Genealogist Walking.

Genealogist Walking.

Onwards for my self-styling Genealogist walking with all due respect to Derek Brockway the ‘Weatherman Walking’. After last time’s stroll along through Blackpill. Eva and I another day, set off following the aforementioned Mumbles Railway back towards Swansea in front of the Ashleigh Road playing fields also known […]

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More Genealogy as you walk, Blackpill, Swansea.

Eva and I enjoyed our walk in North Wales with the bits and pieces of genealogy thrown in so much we decided to have a stroll a bit nearer home here in Blackpill, Swansea. The first part of the walk was past the site of the now demolished […]

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Genealogy as you walk.

I’ve been quiet for a little while, with the easing of lockdown and the need to get going again we set off for a break to N. Wales in the motorhome. Eva the Jack Russell needed occupying as she was not allowed off the lead. Somehow, I had […]

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Nursing Genealogy. UK & Ireland, Nursing Registers, 1898-1968.

UK & Ireland, Nursing Registers, 1898-1968 digitised to  Queens Nursing Institute (QNI – district nursing) – digitised onto  The National Archives (TNA) (which I have been writing on in past weeks) – useful for military nursing records.  Royal Medico-Psychological Association (1891 […]

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Ancient DNA

John Colclough. 19 January 2021 Truncated for Bwrdd: I was fascinated by Cheddar man, the Mesolithic skeleton discovered in 1903 at Gough’s Cave in Cheddar Gorge. His ancient DNA has helped Natural History Museum scientists depict one of the oldest modern humans discovered in Britain. He lived about […]

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Census Genealogy

For Bwrrd October 2020. When you go looking into your family’s history, then sooner or later you will need to examine a census return, it will give you a place and exact time where an ancestor was with a reasonable degree of certainty. With that in mind here […]

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British Army World War 1 Records

WW1 Records. A bit of background… At the beginning of the Great war in 1914 the peacetime army of Great Britain was about 234,000, with then a mobilization of 380,000 plus 313,000 from the Territorial Army, giving a nominal army of nearly 1,000,000 men from a population of […]

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Officer Ancestor WW1

If your WW1 ancestor was an officer, then they are going to be listed in The Gazette, service personnel commissioned, promoted, posted or awarded a medal or other honour are “gazetted” (you can also be gazetted if you are bankrupted!). The Gazette has been recording national and international […]

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The National Archives

A lockdown plus has been access to The National Archive online, register, search discovery… Exploring Discovery[1] channeling my narcissist, who would I happen upon driven by the Karma of my previous life? Miss Mildred A. Colclough[2], she has 70, -seventy- pages of records, surely enough to look […]

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Admiralty Nursing records

On from the nursing connection of last week, and persevering with The National Archives, here is some more exploration of the records and information you might find. I’m taking a bit of time to transcribe the records I’m accessing, with the hope of making them part of a […]

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